(why you should use a liner, and how to care for them) Sea to Summit markets a wide range of liners: this updated blog post will show you which one you should use and why, and how to get the best from them. Why use a liner? Basically, liners are used in two applications – […]


How many can say they truly have the perfect portable pillow? Dirty clothes, jackets, dogs or nothing at all: These are all common pillow substitutes that are not exactly conducive to a good night’s sleep. Enter our new line of thoughtfully designed, light and compact inflatable pillows. A good pillow to help you sleep off […]

We’re often asked if you can use a sleeping bag liner instead of a sleeping bag in warmer temperatures. Broadly, the questions fall into two categories: those end-users who are intending to sleep outdoors, either in a tent/shelter or under the stars and those end-users who are intending to sleep in a hostel. For ‘outdoors’ […]

with spork as strainer

Here’s an updated version of a post we ran before with some new tips and suggestions. As before, Baz is not about to inflict his limited culinary abilities on you in the form of recipes for backcountry meals. Instead, here are some suggestions for how to use the bowls, plates, cutlery and other kitchen supplies […]

Traveller_Compressed in hand

(This is a follow-on from the post where we introduced the Traveller Sleeping Bag – you can read the original post ‘Game Changers’ here) We’ve pointed out in a number of editions of the Ask Baz blog the secret to successful travel: only carry what you need, and pack in a modular way so you […]


It has long been said that travel broadens the mind – but in recent years, it’s become increasingly true that travel can stress the mind prior to any broadening which might occur at the end of the journey. Steadily decreasing amounts of legroom and reduced amenities on airplanes plus the irritation of airport security can […]


Here in the Northern Hemisphere we have just passed Midwinter’s Night, and with it, the official start of winter as a season. Winter in Colorado means ski and snowshoe trips, which in the next six weeks or so will mean being prepared for the coldest temperatures of the year. It’s not unusual for temperatures in […]