How many can say they truly have the perfect portable pillow? Dirty clothes, jackets, dogs or nothing at all: These are all common pillow substitutes that are not exactly conducive to a good night’s sleep. Enter our new line of thoughtfully designed, light and compact inflatable pillows. A good pillow to help you sleep off […]

Traveller_Compressed in hand

(This is a follow-on from the post where we introduced the Traveller Sleeping Bag – you can read the original post ‘Game Changers’ here) We’ve pointed out in a number of editions of the Ask Baz blog the secret to successful travel: only carry what you need, and pack in a modular way so you […]


It has long been said that travel broadens the mind – but in recent years, it’s become increasingly true that travel can stress the mind prior to any broadening which might occur at the end of the journey. Steadily decreasing amounts of legroom and reduced amenities on airplanes plus the irritation of airport security can […]


Here in the Northern Hemisphere we have just passed Midwinter’s Night, and with it, the official start of winter as a season. Winter in Colorado means ski and snowshoe trips, which in the next six weeks or so will mean being prepared for the coldest temperatures of the year. It’s not unusual for temperatures in […]


Every now and again, a product hits the market which fundamentally changes things (so much so that people start to talk about ‘paradigm shifts’ and ‘quantum leaps’). Or game changers. The original personal stereo was a game changer. True, by today’s standards it was relatively bulky, and its capacity to ‘hold’ music was limited to […]


You may know the saying ‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade’ – here’s a practical example. I’d been planning a backpacking trip this Fall with one of the side aims being to test the new Spark sleeping bag. However, a few things intervened – a bathroom renovation project, flooding which closed the roads and […]


The familiar orange hued light spread out in fanned patterns across the hollow pine duff slowly urging the sub-alpine lodge pole forest into dawn.   After a long summer of wildfires and heat in the high Rockies the turn toward fall had finally begun. An early morning escape from the heat of the plains had boot […]