Our co-founder Tim Macartney-Snape has been kind enough to share with us an account of his Sea to Summit expedition. At this time 25 years ago, Tim was enroute to the summit of Mt. Everest on foot from the Bay of Bengal! Enjoy part one of his narrative on this fabled expedition and be sure […]

Adam Waterfall

Early in the summer of 2014, we asked award-winning outdoor photographer, Adam Cornwell, to photograph some of our gear. He went on some amazing adventures and came back with great images.   We talked to him about his photography career and shooting gear for Sea to Summit. Adam, tell us how you got into outdoor photography? […]


From the days of sleeping on the ground to bed like comfort in the backcountry, Baz discusses our new line of Air Sprung Cell™ Sleeping Mats and puts one through its paces in the Colorado Rockies. It may seem hard to believe nowadays, but when I started camping and backpacking, there was no such thing […]


Throughout the year we will be checking in with members of the Sea to Summit team to talk about gear, adventures, beer, dogs and life in general. First up is our Marketing Communication Manager Ian McWilliams.  Ian tell us about your role at Sea to Summit. I work in the marketing department and have the […]


This post comes from Clay Abney, friend of Sea to Summit. He recently traveled to Peru to explore Machu Picchu with his nephews. Upon his return he was kind enough to share his experiences and gear choices with us. Since my nephews could walk, I have been dragging them along on adventures whenever they visited. […]


There’s something elemental to getting dirty when you get out into the backcountry; a feeling of being liberated from the conventions of civilization, of living life the way you did as a child playing in the sandbox. But – it’s not fun to be grubby all the time, which is why Sea to Summit has […]


If you’ve tried one of our new Aeros pillows, you’ll know that they are unquestionably the most comfortable, quietest, easiest to use, lightest, and most packable pillows on the market. In fact, you may only have one question, and that is how to wash your Aeros Pillow. The answer is very simple: Hand wash, air […]