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  1. I just bought the 10 Liter folding bucket at REI. I was hoping to use it for a variety of reasons but one is to wash the dishes. It does not say if there is any temperature limit. For example can I boil water and then dump it in the buket with a little soap to scrub the dishes..or is that too hot and would ruin the layers.

    1. G’Day Aija –

      Boiling water should not be poured straight into the Folding Bucket – the nylon fabric and internal thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) film could well be damaged by such high temperatures.
      A good rule of thumb for maximum temperature for the Folding Bucket (and for the Sea to Summit Kitchen Sink) is ‘hand hot’ – somewhere around 40°C / 100°F. The fabrics (and in the case of the Kitchen Sink, the seam taping) will stand hotter temperatures than this, but this gives you a margin for error. And: 40°C / 100°F is hot enough to wash dishes in the backcountry. You might try Sea to Summit Wilderness Wash if you need a concentrated biodegradeable soap for outdoor use – it works really well for washing dishes.
      As a suggestion, always have some cold water in your Folding Bucket before you add hot water – this will prevent damage.


  2. Hey Baz,
    We like the folding bucket, but wish it was a folding water tank instead – i.e., maybe with a roll-top construction like a dry bag. The idea would be that the water stays contained and clean at camp, to be emptied out from the bottom with a spout. Do you have any plans of making such a thing? We’d be glad to field test it for you!
    Thanks Baz, Marie and Trevor

    1. G’Day Marie
      G’Day Trevor
      Thanks for your suggestion! The Folding Bucket has been so successful for us partly because the two models (10 L and 20 L) are so light and compact; and we’re wary about adding features which would change this.
      The Folding Buckets – with their top handle and bottom grab handle – are ideal for scooping water from a shallow water source, and once water has been carried back to camp, their free-standing capability and tall shape makes them perfect for water filtration.
      For enclosed water storage with a spout dispenser, you should check out our Pack Taps which are available in 2 L, 4 L , 6 L and 10 L sizes – I think you’ll find these work really well ‘in the field’

  3. I’m pretty excited to check out the Specialist shelters when I get home. I assume these guys are being marketed and sold back in Oz already? Also, I’m 190cm tall so I’d be interested to know if either the Duo or the Solo would be a suitable size-option for me. They look fantastic, too, and so light!

    1. Jarrad –

      you will indeed find the Specialist Shelters on sale in good specialist shops when you get back to Oz. The length of the Solo is 213cm, the length of the Duo is 220cm – as with any shelter, we’d recommend pitching it in the store to see how well it fits you and your gear.



  4. Do your sleeping bag liners have little thingies to attach to the inside of my sleeping bag? I hate rolling over and having the whole thing twist up.

    1. G’Day Lynn –

      We don’t put attachment points on the sides of our liners; partly because there is no standard for the spacing of attachment loops in sleeping bags.
      As a suggestion, you may care to try the Coolmax Adaptor liner : its polyester knit is so stretchy, that many sleepers find they can move freely inside the liner without the fabric becoming twisted up.

      Let me know if you’d like more details on this


    1. G’Day Matt

      First of all, my apologies for the delay in replying – I was at a trade show, then out of the country for a couple of weeks.

      I’m just getting around to replying to the comments on the ‘Ask Baz’ blog.

      Your question is one we field quite often (and the short answer is that we’re an Australian company, based in Perth WA, so US manufacturing is not an option open to us).

      However, your email address indicates that you work for a technical fabric supplier – so it’s possible that your question has a different slant than those we usually receive from consumers.

      Our Design and Development department is located in Perth, but I would be happy to forward information to them if appropriate.

      Please let me know how I might assist you further

      Best regards,

  5. Hi Baz,
    I’m looking at purchasing a sleeping bag in the Sea to Summit Range but one consideration is what bag my girlfriend will use. What bags in the range share the same zipper and hence can be zipped together to form a larger combined bag for us to share? What would you recommend?

    1. Thanks for writing to us about zipping together Sea to Summit sleeping bags to form a double bag.

      Most Sea to Summit sleeping bags can be zipped together – the two bags don’t even have to be from the same series. The key point is the size (not the length) of the zipper.
      The following sleeping bags have a #5 zipper and can zipped together:
      Alpine, Traverse, Talus, Trek
      The following sleeping bags have a #3 zipper and can zipped together:
      Micro, Traveller
      (regardless of the length of the bag, the side zipper is always the same length – so you can zip a Short to a Regular or Long)

      As to which two bags would work best for you, that’s a question of the type of temperature conditions you’ll face and number of other factors including packed size, weight and price. If you’d like some recommendations, please email us at info@seatosummit.com and put ‘Zipped-together sleeping bag questions’ in the subject line.

      (Please let me know where you’re located so I can put you in touch with a local retailer)



  6. Hello. I love your Trek & Travel shaving cream — such an easy way to travel lightly, and I get about four months’ use of the cream, which also eliminates the need to carry aerosol cans.

    I am in the USA, and I have been having a very difficult time finding your shaving cream. The stores that stock it, such as REI, have all your other products, but no shaving cream. No place in the New York City area has it, for example. There was none in Austin, TX, but it was in San Antonio. There was none in San Francisco, but it was in Belmont.

    Is this product being eliminated? Are there production problems? Should I start looking for a replacement, with the understanding that you won’t be producing it any longer?

    (One more thing: I it was extremely difficult to find the way to ask this question here — a very convoluted process of registering with your blog, rather than a simple “CONTACT” button where I could ask a customer service question.)

    1. Thanks for the question Albert. Glad to hear our Trek & Travel Shaving Cream works well for you. The product is not being eliminated. Many of our dealers stock it. Here are several online dealers who currently have it in stock:

      Eastern Mountain Sports :http://bit.ly/1yMAIFt
      Rock Creek: http://bit.ly/1HDhsAi
      REI: http://bit.ly/1r1YNsY
      We have a “Contact Us” form on our website that allows you ask questions directly to our customer service department if you prefer: http://www.seatosummit.com/contact.php

    1. Hi Heath,

      Thanks for reaching out to us at Sea to Summit- We are Headquartered in Perth, Australia and all of our products are made in Asia. If you have any other questions, please let us know!

      Sea to Summit Staff

  7. Hi Baz
    I absolutely love the SeaToSummit brand and am the proud owner of many of your products. Top quality, very innovative and beautifully light.
    With perhaps only one exception….the collapsible X-Pot. Or more specifically, its lid.
    i purchased this only a few months ago but the lid has now warped….after probably only 20 uses or so.
    Initially I thought this was perhaps something I had done (although I couldn’t think what), but a camping buddy I know has experienced exactly the same problem. He threw his lid out and is now using aluminium foil instead.

    Is this a problem you have noticed?
    Is there a way I can obtain a replacement lid for the orange 1.4L pot?


    1. G’Day Martin

      We’re happy to know that you’ve generally had good experiences with your Sea to Summit gear – and equally sorry to learn that the lid of your X-Pot has let you down.

      We have experienced very few reports of X-Pot lids warping – and in several of the instances where this has occurred, it transpires that the end-user had secured the silicone rubber handles of the pot to the tabs on the lid during the cooking process. This locking function is designed to keep the lid on the pot (and keep any X-Mugs or X-owls ‘nested’ inside the pot from coming free) during transportation. If the lid is so secured during cooking, the stainless-steel ring embedded in the silicone rubber will expand at a different rate than the lid and cause it to warp.

      We have also received a couple of reports where a cooking utensil projecting up from the pot with hot contents has apparently resulted in warping.

      Sea to Summit keeps spare parts for every product it sells, including X-Pot lids. If you let us know where you are located (a full address including the city and country) we will have a replacement lid shipped to you (and to your camping buddy) free of charge. Please email the addresses (and pot sizes) to our info@seatosummit.com address and put ‘X-Pot – warped lid’ in the subject line.

      Apologies for the inconvenience


  8. I just wanted to take an opportunity to thank the helpful staff at Sea to Summit concerning a problem that I had with one of their 20L hydraulic bags. They were quick to reply to my questions and actually cared about me as a customer. I replied back with a few pictures of the problem and they e-mailed back saying that they would replace the bag. I just received the replacement bag in the mail today. Thanks you guys. You have a customer for life.

    1. Glad to hear about your positive experience with our customer service, we always appreciate hearing from our customers. Hope you have a great day and enjoy your new Hydraulic dry bag!

      Sea to Summit Staff

  9. Hi , a question about the sizing of the hydraulic dry bags. When the size is listed at 65 or 90L what does this refer to ie is this the volume of the bag closed with 3 folds?

    1. G’Day Liz

      Thanks for checking in with us about the volumes of our dry bags. The volumes of all Sea to Summit dry bags, including the Hydraulics – are measured with the roll-top rolled over three times. If you would like further details, please email us at info@seatosummit.com and put ‘dry bag sizing’ in the subject line.



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