Ultra-Sil™ on the Go – a fabric story

4 thoughts on “Ultra-Sil™ on the Go – a fabric story”

  1. I used my Ultra-Sil daypack for the summit push on Misti Volcano in Peru. It held my snacks, my water, my rain jacket, my SLR + spare lens, small first aid kit, and still had plenty of room for the warm layers I stripped off as the sun rose. Awesome piece of kit and can’t wait to get back home to try out the roll-top waterproof version!

    1. G’Day Jarrad –

      glad to know the UltraSil Daypack worked out well for you in Peru… we’ve heard from a number of people who are trekking in South America (Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Peru) who are carrying their gear in UltraSil Daypacks – maybe you crossed paths with some of them? You’re going to love the UltraSil Dry Daypack, by the way – taped seams, a roll-top closure and a compression lacing system, and a total weight of just over 90g. It’s definitely on my Christmas wish list…

      Safe travels to you!


  2. Can you provide more details on the silicon coating used in this product? Specifically, if you carry unpackaged fruits or vegetables in the bag, is there a possibility that the coating may rub off on the items being carried?

    1. G’Day Tom

      the silicone treatment on the UltraSil fabric is a silicone elastomere of a type commonly used on what are described as ‘SilNylons’ (the class of fabric which includes UltraSil).
      In cases of direct contact with food, *minute* amounts of this silicone could be transferred to the food item. However, not only are we talking about microscopically small amounts of silicone (no data exists to quantify this), but this pales in comparison to all of the other environmental impacts on the food during production/in transportation/during preparation.

      If you’d like more details, please email me directly at info@seatosummit.com


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