Adding warmth with a liner

6 thoughts on “Adding warmth with a liner”

  1. Hello,
    I might have missed this somewhere but i’m trying to find out if the silk liners are jersey or woven?
    Can you help?

    1. G’Day Emma –

      All of our silk (and our silk/cotton blend) liners are woven; the Reactor/Adaptor series are knits.

      The woven liners are more compact, the knit liners have much more stretch to the fabric.

      If you’re looking for the smallest packed volume and lightest weight, a slik or silk/cotton liner is the way to go; if you’re a more active sleeper and need room to stretch out, the Adaptor or Reactor would be the better choice.

      I trust this helps!



  2. Would appreciate to get information about the foot width of the Thermolite Reactor products; my Feathered Friends bag is a wide version, 48″ inside circumference at the foot (and 64 at shoulder); many thanks! /Hans from Stockholm, Sweden

    1. Hej, Hans –

      I’m not sure if you’ve heard directly from my colleagues in Perth, Australia, so here’s the story with the Reactor footbox.

      The very end panel of the liner is a trapezoid shape which measures approximately 12″ / 30cm across the top, and 10″ / 25cm for the sides and base. So – the circumference measures 42″ or 105cm.

      However – the knitted fabric of the liner is so stretchy, that it will stretch and move with you as you sleep – you simply won’t notice it. (This is different from a silk liner which is woven, and thus has very little stretch at all).

      I trust this information helps



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