Getting Fresh – Sea to Summit Pocket Trek and Travel Soaps

7 thoughts on “Getting Fresh – Sea to Summit Pocket Trek and Travel Soaps”

    1. G’Day Lorelei

      You can use both our liquid Laundry Wash or leaves of Pocket Laundry Wash in a washing machine. Both products were primarily designed for hand-wash use in a sink – and a sink full of water is a maximum of about two gallons.

      By comparison, a top-loader washing machine uses about 50 gallons of water, so in theory you’d need to use maybe a fifth of an 89ml / 3oz bottle or twenty leaves or so. In practice, however, almost all commercial machines (and the majority of home top-loaders) have enough laundry ‘soap’ residue in them that you don’t need to add much new ‘soap’ to them to wash a load of clothes.

      So – in a Laundromat, a reasonable-sized squeeze (maybe 1/15 of a bottle) or five or six leaves would probably be more than adequate. If you use the leaves, put them in a container with water first and make sure they dissolve before adding them to the wash.

      If you do choose to go with the liquid soap, it’s good to know that the bottle is completely leakproof – there is an insert in the bottle opening which engages with a nipple in the bottle cap – properly closed, there’s absolutely no danger of leakage when you’re traveling.



    1. G’Day Monica

      Thank you for taking the time to write to us regarding the ingredients in our Trek & Travel Pocket Soaps and Care Products.

      Please know that the ingredients are clearly marked on the container; and that these ingredients meet the highest environmental standards. The soaps/care products contain no animal products, and are not tested on animals.

      However, the regulatory environment in various markets around the world makes it imprudent for us to publish ingredient lists.

      If you have a particularly sensitivity, we would always recommend choosing a hypoallergenic product.



    1. For hand-washing in a sink, two or three leaves (depending on the hardness of the water – ie how much limescale is in the water) should work fine: a sink / bowl full of water is a maximum of about two to three gallons/ 15 liters.

      Make sure to dissolve the leaves by rubbing them between your fingers in the warm water before you put the clothes into the bowl; it’s also extremely important to rinse several times.

      There are 50 leaves to a package; therefore you should be able to complete 20+ hand washes.

      I trust this information is helpful. Please let us know via if we can provide additional details.


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