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    1. G’Day Jennifer

      There shouldn’t be any need to replace the DryLite towel – we’d recommend washing it in an enzyme-based cleaner called McNett MiraZyme. This will effectively remove odors from your towel (and from any other outdoor gear, too).



  1. How do I clean my dryer now that the color from my towel leeched out and is all over the inside of my dryer? The only Item I put in my dryer was this towel.

    1. First of all, I’m sorry to learn that dye from a towel (you don’t specify which towel) has bled onto your dryer drum. The best way to remove this dye is to use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Unplug the dryer, then wipe the affected areas of the drum with the Eraser – rinse the Eraser frequently until all the dye is removed. Then wipe down the drum with clean water, and allow to dry before plugging the dryer in again.

      As a general point, Sea to Summit’s towels should be laundered separately from other fabrics for the first couple of washings because they are not 100% color fast. And – because they are made of microfibers, they should NOT be dried in a dryer – the ‘dryer sheets’ commonly used in dryers contain compounds which diminish the absorbency of the microfiber (the same applies to fabric softeners in the wash cycle – avoid them). Sea to Summit towels should be air-dried.


  2. I’ve had a couple of Berry color tek towels now for 6 months and they are still bleeding color. I know you say they are not 100% color fast but surely they should have stopped bleeding color by now. I’ve also go a blue one (pacific) color and that stopped bleeding color after a couple of washes unlike the berry color ones which you simply cannot put in the wash with anything else even a dark color. They even bleed color when hand washed.
    Did you have a change of manufacturer or a poor manufacturing batch something?

    1. G’Day

      sorry to learn that you’ve experienced problems with the color bleeding from your Berry TekTowels.

      It’s true that the towels are not colorfast dyed (to ensure maximum absorbency), but usually two or three washes is all it takes for any excess dye to bleed out.

      Can you contact us via – I’d like to have the opportunity to examine (and replace) your TekTowels for you.



  3. Could you tell me whether is the Pocket Towel is machine washable? While the Drylite and Tek Towel had “Machine Washable” on their description.

    1. G’Day Ed

      Sorry for the delay in replying; we’ve had some issues with questions forwarded via the blog recently.

      In answer to your question, the Pocket Towel is (like the Drylite and Tek Towels) machine washable. And, like these other two towels, there are a couple of points worth knowing when you do wash your Pocket Towel:

      – The towels are not colorfast, so they should be washed separately from lighter-colored items for the first few laundry cycles
      – Because the towels are made of microfibers, they should not be exposed to fabric softeners (which would reduce their absorbency)

      I trust this information helps – please let us know if we can provide further assistance


  4. Hi , I noticed there are 2 types package for pocket towel. one is the one list on your website, the other is more narrow shaped box (neoprene looking?) are there any differences? if they are different design/batch, which one is the latest one?

    1. G’Day Emily

      Thanks for asking about our Pocket Towels. There are currently two kinds of pouch available for the Pocket Towel; the UltraSil nylon pouch and the molded foam case. There is no difference in the microfiber towel inside the pouches; they are identical.

      The molded foam case is a more recent introduction (and will eventually replace the UltraSil nylon pouch); we also took the opportunity to add two new sizes to the Pocket Towel range, Medium and Extra Large.



  5. Hi- I need a Tek Towel and matching washcloth in Cobalt, Lime, Berry, and Pacific colors. Is there a way to buy the washcloths to match the towels? Thanks!

    1. G’Day Olviia –

      Thanks for contacting us regarding purchasing Tek Towels and matching Washcloths.

      Unfortunately, it’s not possible for us to switch the supplied washcloths within the Wash Kits.

      It is possible to purchase the Washcloths and Tek Towels as separate items. But (as with the Tex Towel Wash Kit) we are reducing the number of colors available. Berry and Lime are no longer available in either format.

      Sorry we can’t help you out in this case…



  6. Hello,
    Can I use Pocket towel by the sea or by the swimming pool?
    Can salt and chlorinated water damage the towel?
    Cheers Lenka

    1. G’Day Lenka

      Thanks for checking with us about our Pocket Towels.

      Neither salt nor chlorinated water will harm the Pocket Towel. It’s a good idea to wash your Pocket Towel separate from other items a couple of times before you take it to the beach or to the pool to make sure that the towel does not ‘bleed’ dye while in use. The towels are not colorfast dyed, and may lose some color for the first couple of washes.

      You can read about washing your Pocket Towel here – the most important thing is not to use a fabric softener in the wash cycle. If the towel does become exposed to salt, sand or chlorine, just wash it once you get home following the instructions in the blog post.


  7. Hello,
    How do I clean the towel? Will an ordinary shampoo be okay?
    What are to avoid to preserve and prevent damages to the towel?


    1. G’Day Lane –

      Thanks for taking the time to write to us about washing one of our microfiber towels.

      Because all three types of towel (Pocket Towel, DryLite Towel and Tek Towel) are made of a polyester/microfiber blend, they should not be washed with anything which contains a fabric softener or similar agent. The softener will coat the channels of the microfiber yarns and reduce absorbency. Shampoos usually contain some kind of conditioner; so they should be avoided for this reason.

      Normal laundry detergent or a travel soap such as Trek & Travel Laundry Wash; or even a biodegradable soap such as Wilderness Wash works well for cleaning the towels – the key thing is to make sure that no fabric softener is used in the wash process.

      The best way to dry the towels is to air dry (rather than putting them in an electric dryer).



  8. just saw that you had a “new” towel Travelling Light ™ DryLite Towel
    how does it differ from the regular drylite towel?

    1. G’Day Peter

      Thanks for your question regarding the Travelling Light Drylite Towel.

      This towel is identical to the ‘regular’ Drylite Towel. The ‘travel’ towel was added to the Travelling Light range for two reasons:

      1. It’s a great towel for travel: compact, light, absorbent and quick-drying
      2. The Travelling Light range is distributed through different retailers than those who otherwise stock our Towel range

      Whether you purchase the ‘regular’ or the ‘travel’ Drylite Towel, I trust it will serve you well on your travels



  9. I’m headed to Hawaii and looking for a light weight towel to pack while hiking to beaches. Which towel would be best for the beach? Does sand stick to the towels?

    1. G’Day Chad

      Thanks for your question regarding our Microfiber Towels.

      As an Australian company, located in Perth, you can be sure that we have tested the towels on many beaches in Australia and indeed around the world (although I would be perfectly willing to – selflessly – conduct even more extensive evaluation on any number of beaches…)

      Our favorite towel for travel and beach use is the DryLite Towel, because of how light and compact it is. It will pick up some sand when laid out on a beach; but this can be easily shaken out. The more absorbent Tek Towel would trap some sand grains in its ‘terry cloth’ loops, but this could be shaken out, too.

      In short – either of the above two towels should work fine. Remember to wash the towel a few times separately before use, and keep it away from fabric softeners.

      Have a great vacation!



  10. Dear sea to summit

    Just wondering, i want to buy tek towel in some local online shop in Indonesia, but i get a little bit confused about the originality. Based on what i see on your website, you only have the nylon pouch, do you have the silicon case for tek towel ( as shown in local online shop)? Is it the recent item, or fake one?
    If is it the recent one, how it different from the old one (with nylon pouch)?
    Thank you.

    1. G’Day Togu

      Thanks for your question on the pouch supplied with our Tek Towels

      For 2017, we are phasing out the nylon mesh pouch and phasing in a moulded EVA foam pouch. The towel itself has not changed.

      There will be a transition time when both types of pouch will be available in brick-and-mortar stores and at online retailers.

      We would only suggest buying Sea to Summit products from an authorized Sea to Summit reseller – that way you can be assured of both product quality and after-sales service should you need it.


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