Caring for your gear

4 thoughts on “Caring for your gear”

  1. Thanks Baz,
    I always was reluctant to wash my gear too much thinking it was like normal clothes that seem to wear out faster the more you wash them. Thanks hour setting me straight!

    1. G’Day Trevor

      We’ve included washing tips in a number of blog posts, but the recommendation is always the same – hand-washing or washing in a front-loader washing machine puts the least stress on lightweight fabrics. If you use a top-loader washing machine it’s worth putting lightweight gear in a pillowcase first to prevent the impeller (the spiral device in the drum of the washer) from damaging fabrics, drawcords or seams. Towels don’t require this level of precaution, but sleeping bags should not be washed in a top-loader.

      If you’d like reccomendations for specific cleaning / care products, just ask via this blog.



  2. For Sleeping Bags, “Store Uncompressed” obviously means “Don’t put it in the stuff sack on your shelf”, but what’s the suggestion on the storage cell?

    My Trek bag has a zippable storage cell/laundry bag. Should I leave the cell fully unzipped so the bag is fully lofted (and a huge amorphous blob on my shelf?) or is compressing it down to a manageable rectangle enough to maintain a healthy lifespan?

    1. G’Day Nate –

      Thanks for checking with us regarding storage of your Trek sleeping bag

      You will find that the storage cell/laundry bag supplied with the Trek will allow the down to loft sufficiently when the storage cell is zipped up – it also creates a nice, rectangular shape which will fit easily on a shelf.

      Do make sure that that shelf is somewhere cool and dry, and that the sleeping bag has been thoroughly aired before being put away for storage.



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