Travelling light and fast: 150 nights from a duffle bag

8 thoughts on “Travelling light and fast: 150 nights from a duffle bag”

  1. what beautiful rock is under the finger tips from the photo.
    Always looks serious when a climber has a helmet, but fish eye/wide angle lens can be disceptive. Can’t pick the lichen?
    I am envious make no mistake!

      1. Thanks! Am having a good time looking at the Leave No Trace Products right now. And found a retailer within 15 miles of my front door!

    1. Great to hear you dig the Dry Daypack, it’s been one of my favorites no matter what season or where I go! Once you get one, consider placing a piece of closed cell foam against your back to give the pack structure and to use as a butt pad when you break for lunch. You can always call us if you need a hand finding a local retailer that stocks it.
      Cheers, Dan

  2. We have a small 25 foot sailboat and there’s NEVER enough room to store what we need on board in the many odd-shaped spaces on board. This line of equipment looks like it just might be the ticket – especially, oddly enough, the kayak bow bags which should fit well in the weird triangular space in the forward v-berth. Glad I stumbled on this – have you folks thought of marketing directly to sailors? Maybe contacting Practical Sailor magazine for a possible review?

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