Talus Sleeping Bag Range – warm, versatile, lightweight and… filled with Ultra-Dry Down™

By the time you read this blog post, the new Talus range of sleeping bags will be arriving in specialty retail stores. There’s only so much that can be conveyed in a blog post, but take it from me, these sleeping bags are stunning! Here are some of the features that make them so special…

Ultra-Dry Down
In a world of technical brilliance and innovation it is remarkable that the performance of certain natural products has not been surpassed. Down is one of those – it’s still the best insulator warmth-for-weight, and it’s also the most durable sleeping bag insulation. The problem with down is its vulnerability to water; moisture decreases the downs ability to loft to its full potential thereby decreasing the warmth of your sleeping bag. Once damp, it also takes down a long time to dry out and effectively insulate again.

At Sea to Summit we have virtually eliminated the negative effects that moisture has on down with the introduction of water-repellent Ultra-Dry Down™.

Ultra-Dry Down™ is a Nano-level water repellent treatment applied to our high quality 750+ down. This treatment vastly improves our down’s reaction to water without effecting its weight or loft performance. Ultra-Dry Down™ retains over 60% more loft and absorbs 30% less moisture when compared with untreated down. Sea to Summit sleeping bags dry out 60% faster than bags with untreated down.

Check out this video!

Sea to Summit’s Talus series will be among the first sleeping bags featuring Ultra-Dry Down™.

2D Nylon NanoShell
The sleeping bag shell is just as important as what is inside. The shell fabric on the Talus features some impressive technology. The 20 Denier Nylon has a DWR finish that boasts a 1,000mm hydrostatic head and breathability rate of 7500g/m² MVTR. That said, even the most technology obsessed gearheads will forget about numbers for a while when they see the beautiful, glacier blue color.

Beautiful Construction
Sea to Summit is known for paying particular attention to the details of our product designs. This is especially true with our line of sleeping bags.

The hood and footbox perfectly mimics your extremities, while the reverse differential cut (the liner is larger than the shell on the underside of the bag) allows the down to loft up around your torso and legs. An oversized zipper draft tube and draft collar prevent heat leaking out, and the zipper features an anti-snag system that ensures the zipper opens and closes smoothly every time. Ergonomically placed drawcords buried within the down, and a hidden insulated pocket for electronics and valuables make the Talus as easy to use as it is comfortable.

Three different fill weights
Like every Sea to Summit sleeping bag, each Talus bag comes with a certificate from the International Down and Feather Laboratory verifying the exact fill power and composition of the down. There are three models offered in the Talus series: The Ts I (with 400g of down), Ts II (with 550g of down) and Ts III (with 700g of down). The bags have, of course, been EN tested, and the Lower temperature ratings for the three models are:

Ts I -5°C / 23°F
Ts II -10°C / 14°F
Ts III -17°C / 1°F

Pick one which most closely meets your needs, have a Reactor or Reactor Extreme in reserve, and you have an extremely versatile sleep system.

I could go on about these amazing bags – but you might want to start by heading to your closest retailer and testing the bags yourself…


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  1. Looks like a fantastic sleeping bag

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