Modular Approach to a Sleep System

2 thoughts on “Modular Approach to a Sleep System”

  1. I see the large Comfort Plus mat is wider than the Large Basecamp BCII sleeping bag, do they work together or is the regular size mat required with the large bag?

    1. G’Day, Tom –

      Thanks for your question about the Basecamp sleep system.

      The attachment straps of the Basecamps are elasticated, which has two functions:

      1. The straps will fit both Regular and Large Sea to Summit sleeping mats.
      2. The straps allow some upward movement of the sleeping bag, which prevents the linked-together bag and sleeping mat from ‘flipping over’ when the sleeper rolls over.

      Additionally, the foot section retention pocket has stretch panels – this means that either a tapered or a rectangular mat will fit the Basecamp.

      Combined with a Comfort Light or Comfort Plus sleeping mat, the Basecamp is an extremely comfortable sleep system.



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