Game Changers

6 thoughts on “Game Changers”

    1. G’Day Scott –

      Thanks for your question. The short answer is, yes, you can zip together a Regular and a Large Traveller.

      The longer answer is that:

      – All Travellers have left-hand zips, so one of the two bags will be turned ‘inside out’ when they are zipped together. This will not affect their function.
      – The zipper of the Large Traveller will be longer than the Regular Traveller, and will project out at the top end of the sleeping bag. Because both bags are tapered rectangular in shape (rather than mummy shaped), this will not be a factor in use: simply lay the bags down so that the zipper is at the side rather than in between the two sleepers.

      Please bear in mind that the zipper used is a very lightweight #3 YKK zipper; care should be taken not to apply too much force laterally across the zipper, especially if it is in a partially-opened state.

      I trust the above is helpful



    1. G’Day, Matt

      Thanks for checking with us on the specifications for the Traveller Tr I

      We measure compressed volumes using the ASTM standard; using this method, the Regular Traveller can be compressed down to 1.55 Liters. In practice, you might be able to squeeze it down to 1.4 Liters (for comparison, the external volume of a 1 Liter Nalgene bottle is around 1.3 Liters).

      The Traveller Tr I is rated for a male sleeper according to the EN standard (EN 13537) at 50*F / 10*C

      If you have additional questions, shoot us an email at – we’ll be happy to help



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