Traveling? You need a Traveller Sleeping Bag – here’s why.

2 thoughts on “Traveling? You need a Traveller Sleeping Bag – here’s why.”

  1. I love my Traveller Bag which worked well for a hut based walk in Tasmania. My next trip isto NZ where huts are the preferred sleeping spot, however if there is no space in the huts tents will be used. Looking at different sites the Traveller is rated for comfort fro 14 degrees C to 5 degrees C. 14 C is what is labelled on the bag. Has this bag beenupdated to awarmer model?

    1. G’Day Toni

      Thanks for your question about the Traveller Tr I. You can rest assured (pun intended) that we have not changed the specification on the Traveller at all – the bag has been extremely successful in its original form since day one.

      The confusion about the temperature rating of the bag might stem from a misunderstanding of what the numbers obtained during the EN 13537 test actually mean. You can read about the test on our blog here:

      The test produces three numbers:

      A Comfort Limit (the temperature a woman sleeper should use for orientation); in the case of the Traveller this is 14 C

      A Lower Limit (the temperature a male sleeper should use for orientation); the Traveller tests at 10 C

      An Extreme Limit (a survival rating – best to disregard this number); the Traveller is rated to -2 C

      None of the above is equal to 5 C, so I’m not exactly sure where that number may come from.

      Do bear in mind that in a tent situation you will be sleeping on the ground, which may be a few degrees colder than the air temperature. Make sure your sleeping pad has an adequate resistance to heat loss (R-Value) before you head off to New Zealand. You can read about this here:

      If you feel the need to add in a little warmth to your bag for the nights spent camping, the Reactor Liner (perhaps in the Compact Plus version) would be an excellent choice.



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