Camp Cuisine – A practical guide

8 thoughts on “Camp Cuisine – A practical guide”

  1. Hi there, what temp can these handle in the dishwasher when you get back from a trip? We have a couple of plates so I thought I would ask before I threw them into the machine!


    1. G’Day Lamar –

      The triple elastomer seal on the lid of the Delta bowl will seal as well as commonly-used kitchen containers. In practice, this means that if the bowl is kept horizontal (for instance, in a backpack) you should be able to transport liquids safely; however, if you were to transport the Delta Bowl vertically you would run the risk of leakage.

      I trust this helps!



  2. A quick question: are the delta mugs stackable? (the normal delta mugs, not the ones with lids). We are cycle touring as a family and need to pack 4 but if they are not stackable they will take up too much room.

    1. G’Day Barbara

      Sorry to say that the Delta Mugs are not stackable – for a number of reasons, our Design and Development team when with basically straight rather than tapered walls. However – we also offer the collapsible X-Mugs which are ideal for bike touring – they flatten down to less than 12mm / half an inch in height!



    1. G’Day, Larry

      Thanks for your question. We assume you mean the cord on the Delta InsulMug lid – this is designed to make it easier to remove the snug-fitting lid, which can be tricky if you have cold fingers (and haven’t yet had your coffee to restore full dexterity to your extremities).

      I trust this answers the question – if you need more details, send us an email at – we’ll be happy to provide more information



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