Pillow talk – Choosing the right Aeros pillow

3 thoughts on “Pillow talk – Choosing the right Aeros pillow”

  1. I used to put my clothes under my head into the hoody of the sleeping bag, and form a pillow that way. It is not the best equipement for a good night’s sleep. I never felt comfortable with pillows that have a moon-like shape as this one, but I might have to change that soon, I need to look for a proper pillow for my trips.

  2. Even though it is a one purpose item, I found my Aeros Ultralight pillow far superior in comfort than my previous method of stuffing my clothes into a tubular sack. I assume I wash it by hand and air dry, but do I store it in its sack or outside the sack between trips?

    1. Thanks for the inquiry Jackie. Good to hear you are liking your pillow. You are correct that it should be hand washed and air dried. Storing the pillow in the sack between trips is perfectly fine and will not damage it.

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