How to wash your Aeros Inflatable Pillow

7 thoughts on “How to wash your Aeros Inflatable Pillow”

    1. G’Day!

      Sorry for the delay in replying to your question – we’ve had some technical issues with questions sent via the blog.

      Permethrin by itself would not cause damage to the Aeros Pillow; but the alcohol used as a carrier material in the permethrin spray might. (Alcohol in sufficient concentrations can cause the urethane of the bladder to become soft and possibly delaminate).

      On balance, we’d recommend not using permethrin with an Aeros Pillow for this reason.

      An alternative (which would give you full-body cover and would last far longer than spray on permethrin would be to sleep inside an Adaptor Coolmax Liner with Insect Shield. This product is not available in all markets – if you would like additional details, drop us a line at and include ‘Adaptor Liner with Insect Shield’ in the subject line.



  1. I purchased two of the premium pillows. One of them has a very slow leak in the bladder. What to do? Only used it once.

    1. G’Day Charles

      Sorry to learn you’ve had a less-than-ideal experience with your Aeros Premium Pillow.

      It may be possible for our customer service staff to diagnose the issue ‘at a distance’ if you email us images of the inflated pillow (in Step 1 below, the pillow would be submerged under water, in Step 2 it would not be).

      Step 1. (To do this you will need an assistant to take pictures). Fill a container/washbasin with water and hold the inflated pillow beneath the surface. Wait until all the air trapped in the ‘pillowcase’ has dissipated, then have the assistant take detailed images of the point or points where the air is escaping. If no air appears to be coming from the pillow itself, it may be escaping from the valve – if so, go to step 2.

      Step 2. Wait until the inflated pillow is dry, then open the inflate port (so the teal-colored silicone insert is visible). Pour a small amount of water into the valve opening. If the silicone insert is not seated properly, you will see bubbles coming up from within the valve (please take pictures of the valve at this point). If this is the case, we would send you a replacement insert which can be installed very simply.

      Email the images to and let us know:

      – Your full shipping address including city and country
      – Your daytime phone number
      – The name and location of the store where the pillow was purchased
      – The date of purchase

      We’ll be happy to assist you further



    1. G’Day Ryan

      Sorry to learn that the bladder of your Premium Pillow has become twisted inside the ‘pillow case’.

      Straightening the bladder is really a question of inflating it to a moderately firm pressure, then massaging it until you feel it slide back to its original position. How difficult this will be is a factor of the degree to which the bladder has become displaced – if the pillow was washed in a top-loader washing machine, it may well be significantly twisted.

      If judicious squeezing and massaging of the bladder fails to provide results, drop us an email at and put ‘Aeros Premium Pillow – bladder issue’ in the subject line. Let us know where and when you purchased the pillow and your full address.


      Barry Robertson :: Minister of Education

      Phone 303-440-8977 | fax 303-440-8995 | |

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