How to get the best from your Sea to Summit Sleeping Mat

3 thoughts on “How to get the best from your Sea to Summit Sleeping Mat”

  1. Hey Team, I’ve been sleeping on my comfort plus mat for the past 4 months and it is amazing. The only issue is that the toe area has gone a tad mouldly due to the continuously wet weather (as have a small patch of my sleeping bag and all of my rain coat). Any thoughts on getting the mould stain out or do I just live with it?

    1. G’Day!

      Thanks for checking in with us regarding mould on your Comfort Plus Mat (and thanks for the link to your blog – we’ve just spent more time than we probably should have vicariously following your cycling adventures…)

      There is a post on our FAQ explaining how to remove mould and mildew from dry bags: Most of this will apply to your mat (although washing the mat, especially if you’re on the road, may be a little more challenging).

      Good luck with removing the mould, and fair winds to you on your adventures!


      PS – We of course particularly enjoyed reading how well the Comfort Plus mat has worked for you. Did you know that Sea to Summit also makes a dry bag/pump sack called the Airstream Pump?

      1. Thanks! I will have to try the mirazyme when I get home as wiping it with a mild soapy sponge has been the best I have been able to manage on the road and it didn’t do much.
        Glad you enjoyed the blog! There is a fair bit of S2S gear through my panniers so I am sure it will keep popping up!

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