How to get the best from your Sea to Summit Sleeping Mat

6 thoughts on “How to get the best from your Sea to Summit Sleeping Mat”

  1. Hey Team, I’ve been sleeping on my comfort plus mat for the past 4 months and it is amazing. The only issue is that the toe area has gone a tad mouldly due to the continuously wet weather (as have a small patch of my sleeping bag and all of my rain coat). Any thoughts on getting the mould stain out or do I just live with it?

    1. G’Day!

      Thanks for checking in with us regarding mould on your Comfort Plus Mat (and thanks for the link to your blog – we’ve just spent more time than we probably should have vicariously following your cycling adventures…)

      There is a post on our FAQ explaining how to remove mould and mildew from dry bags: Most of this will apply to your mat (although washing the mat, especially if you’re on the road, may be a little more challenging).

      Good luck with removing the mould, and fair winds to you on your adventures!


      PS – We of course particularly enjoyed reading how well the Comfort Plus mat has worked for you. Did you know that Sea to Summit also makes a dry bag/pump sack called the Airstream Pump?

      1. Thanks! I will have to try the mirazyme when I get home as wiping it with a mild soapy sponge has been the best I have been able to manage on the road and it didn’t do much.
        Glad you enjoyed the blog! There is a fair bit of S2S gear through my panniers so I am sure it will keep popping up!

    1. G’Day Bob
      Thanks for your question regarding the Comfort Plus Sleeping Mat.

      All uninsulated Sea to Summit mats should be folded into fourths before the mat is rolled; all insulated mats should be rolled into thirds before rolling.

      In the case of the Comfort Plus, this means the grey version would be folded into fourths, while the red version would be folded into thirds.

      Roll the mat reasonably tightly, and check that the folded-over sections are not ‘splaying out’ as you roll – you’ll find that the mat will fit perfectly into its supplied stuff sack.



  2. G’day, I recently upgraded to the Comfort Light sleeping mat, based on good reviews online and advice in multiple hiking stores. Whilst better than others i’ve tried, I still get really sore hips from sleeping on my side. I have tried different levels of inflation, and having it less pumped up helps, but I still can’t get a proper night’s sleep and wake up stiff and sore. Do you have any suggestions to resolve it? Is there a special mat or something you offer for just the hip area?

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