How to store your gear for the Winter

3 thoughts on “How to store your gear for the Winter”

  1. Last summer, I got the air bed out of storage and took it on holiday only to find it had been punctured whilst in the garage! I only had to go and buy another one, since I was ‘glamping’ for a couple of weeks with my partner. But damn! I know now, never to leave such precious cargo where it can get ruined.

    1. G’Day!

      Sorry to learn that your air mattress sustained some damage while being stored. It’s not clear from your post whether that mattress was from Sea to Summit: if it is, it’s very simple to repair a puncture using the supplied self-adhesive repair patches. Just clean the area around the damaged fabric with isopropyl alcohol, apply a patch and leave a weight resting on top of the patch for a couple of hours to ensure that the adhesive has set well.

      This should provide a lasting repair.



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