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  1. is it possible to buy the non Insect Shield version of the single pyramid net in Canada? If so, where can it be bought?

    1. G’Day –

      thanks for taking the time to write to us about Sea to Summit pyramid mosquito shelters.

      If you let me know where you’re located (you can send this information directly to the address), I’ll be happy to put you in touch with the closest retailer who has the shelters in stock.

      Best regards from Boulder, Colorado


  2. I have always been pleased with the products made by Sea to Summit and the ones I have owned and purchased as a customer and retailer, but disappointing to to see the use of permethrin (insect shield) in some of your products. It has been banned in Canada and most of the European Union for close to a decade for Health Reasons but still, thanks to the EPA, being pushed on Americans as a bug free wonder. Just disappointing to see.

    1. G’Day, Kirk

      Thanks for taking the time to write to us about the use of Insect Shield® in certain Sea to Summit products.

      As a company, we, like you, are always very attentive to health and safety as well as environmental issues. In addition, we make great efforts to provide factually correct, in-depth answers to consumer questions.

      To this end, following are some points related to the safety of Insect Shield that I think you will find helpful.

      Since its introduction in 2003, Insect Shield has sold millions of treated items and is being broadly accepted by countries world wide as an important health protection tool in the fight against insect borne diseases. Insect Shield has an ongoing program of product registration and it is currently registered/cleared for sale in over a dozen countries including the following European countries:

      EU: Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, United Kingdom
      Non-EU: Norway, Switzerland.

      Insect Shield is continually adding additional countries of registration/clearance and expects to have between 25 and 30 by the end of this year.

      Permethrin products are not banned within Canada; in fact, Health Canada recommends the use of permethrin for its citizens traveling abroad to malaria-risk areas. Insect Shield is pursuing a registration in Canada as well.

      In addition to Health Canada, other international heath agencies that recommend the use of permethrin treated apparel include the World Health Organization and the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC), among others.

      Sea to Summit is aware that some consumers have sensitivities to certain compounds, or concerns about specific ingredients in products used on or close to the skin. Specifically, some doctors recommend that persons with hypersensitivity to chrysanthemums should consider avoiding permethrin products because those people might experience a slight temporary skin rash – although Insect Shield has not seen any significant incidence of this issue.

      In addition, we offer all of our mosquito products: head nets, pyramid and box shelters, bug jackets and bug pants in both Insect Shield®-treated and in untreated versions.

      I trust the above information is of some assistance


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