The amazing strength of our compact Ultra-Sil “lifestyle” bags

4 thoughts on “The amazing strength of our compact Ultra-Sil “lifestyle” bags”

    1. G’Day, Tay –

      Sea to Summit is an international company based in Perth, Western Australia. From our humble beginnings in Perth, we have expanded to the point where we
      sell our products in more than 30 countries worldwide.

      Components and materials for these products are sourced from all over the globe, including from US-based manufacturers; final assembly in the case of the UltraSil Shopping Bgs, Daypacks, Sling Bags and Duffels is in China.


  1. I bought the backpack about 6 months ago but the stitching has come undone already despite only moderate use. Rather disappointing considering the price of the product and good initial impressions. Do you have a guarantee of quality & wear ?

    1. G’Day Peter

      I couldn’t agree more: six months is not a reasonable time for a seam to last. It’s also completely untypical for a Sea to Summit product – we have extremely high manufacturing and quality control standards.

      Partly as a result of this, all Sea to Summit gear warrantied for life against material and manufacturing defects, and that certainly sounds like the case here.

      If you send an email to and include your full mailing address, we’ll contact you and let you know how to return the Daypack to us.

      My apologies for the inconvenience,


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