Paper or Plastic? (the facts behind our packaging)

The ‘Ask Baz’ blog endeavors to provide honest, in-depth answers to questions about Sea to Summit products. One question which we’re asked occasionally is not about our products per se; it’s about our packaging. Specifically, some consumers wonder if it wouldn’t be more environmentally friendly to use paperboard rather than polypropylene. Well, packaging is something … Continue reading Paper or Plastic? (the facts behind our packaging)

Welcome to “Ask Baz”

I’ve been very lucky: in the twenty years I’ve spent in the Outdoor business, I’ve met and worked with some truly great product developers, fabric technologists, journalists and – last but not least – designers from a slew of countries.

And I’m extremely lucky that this journey has led to me working at Sea to Summit. Lucky because Sea to Summit has a product lineup which features a huge array of technologies and constructional details (more than enough to captivate my interest), and lucky, too because Sea to Summit places a very high value on making the technical and functional details behind those products available to everyone.

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