9 thoughts on “Product Care”

  1. I am trying to figure out the meaning of the icons on the X Series Full Set Mug, Bowl, Plate and Pouch. There are five icons on the back panel but I have no idea what the first one and the last two mean. Can you help me out?


    1. G’Day Penny

      the icons are in order:

      [stylized glass and fork] = Food Safe
      [snowflake, -40°C] = temperature stable to -40°C / -40°F
      [+160°C] = temperature stable to +160°C / 320°F (silicone rubber)
      [dish + three wavy lines] = microwave safe
      [square appliance] = dishwasher safe

      I trust this information helps



  2. I have looked w/o success to find the recommended washing instructions for my new Thermolite Reactor bag liner. Will you please inform me of the recommended procedure?

    1. G’Day Carl

      you’ll find comprehensive instructions on care for all kinds of Sea to Summit gear in our FAQs

      Here’s the section on liners including the Thermolite Reactor:

      Care of Sea to Summit liners is very simple: unlike some synthetic waterproof / soft shell fabrics which have to be washed in special non-detergent soaps, the liners can be washed in a home washing machine using normal detergent (referred to as laundry ‘soap’). If you are using a top-loader washing machine, we would strongly suggest putting the liner inside a pillow case to prevent the impeller (the spiral plastic rotating column in the drum of the machine) possibly snagging the draw cord. A front-loader is much gentler on your gear, and this step is unnecessary. In either case, use the delicates or gentle cycle. Fabric softener will decrease the wicking performance of the fabric, and should be avoided. Do not dry the liner in a dryer; excessive heat can damage the fabric – air-drying is the way to go.



    1. G’Day Rafael –

      you can pour boiling water into the X-Mug: the silicone rubber is the same material used for making oven mitts and baking ‘tins’, so it will withstand extremely high temperatures. The nylon ring at the top of the Mug has a melting point way above the boiling point of water – so no chance of damaging it by pouring in beverages as hot as you can make them.



  3. I am new to backpacking and I am looking to buy an e-vent compression dry sack for my single square bottom sleeping bag! What size bag would you recommend?

    1. G’Day Mike

      you can calculate the mildly compressed volume of your sleeping bag using a method described in this blog post: This will tell you the size of compression sack you will need.

      As a general rule, rectangular, synthetic-filled sleeping bags tend to be a little bulkier than backpacking-style mummy bags, especially down-filled sleeping bags. I would imagine you would need the 20 Liter Large or the 30 Liter XL eVent Compression Dry Sack for your bag.

      If you need further details, send me an email at info@seatosummit.com



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