Repairing Gear

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  1. I recently purchased a Sea to Summit Waterproof Map Case. The Velcro strip came off the case. Can this be repaired? How? Thank you

    1. G’Day Mark

      sorry to learn that you’ve experienced a problem with your Map Case.

      A Velcro strip delaminating from the clear material of the map case would be covered under warranty – can you please email me at and let me know where you are located (City/Country) and where and when the Map Case was purchased?



    2. i just got a sea to summit sit on top cayak cart and i lost the pin that holds the wheels , how can i order that part?

      1. G’Day Diego

        Sorry to learn that the retainer ring/pin of your Sit-on-Top Cart has gone missing.

        No worries, however – we’d be happy to provide a replacement free of charge.

        Shoot us an email at and put “Sit-on-Top Cart – retainer ring/pin” in the subject line.

        If you live in North America, we’ll be happy to ship you a replacement ring/pin; if not, we’ll be happy to put you in touch with your local distributor who can help you. Please include your full shipping address in your email.



    1. G’Day Loretta

      Sorry to learn that you are experiencing problems with your Aeros Pillow.

      A defect of any kind is extremely rare in Aeros pillows, so we would very much like to have you return the pillow to us for evaluation.

      Could you please email us at our address with ‘Defective Aeros Pillow’ in the subject line, and the following information:

      – The name and location of the store where the pillow was purchased
      – The date of purchase
      – The type (Ultralight or Premium) and size (Regular or Large) of pillow
      – Your full address and daytime phone number

      We’ll contact you and let you know how to return the pillow to us.

      Sorry for the inconvenience!


      1. Appreciate your response.  I’d contacted Nick Pearson in earlier today and am sending the pillow for evalution.   Loretta 

  2. Hi, I have a ULTRASIL® TREKKING UMBRELLA which has given me great service through Italy, France, Spain and locally in Australia. Unfortunately, I have lost one of the ‘end caps’ from one of the end struts and am hoping I can obtain a replacement cap so I can repair my umbrella. Any suggestions?

  3. I purchased SOT kayak dolly with adjustable uprights. The only problem is scupper holes in my Necky Dolphin are smaller diameter than rubber wedge.

    Do you make replacement rubber wedge in smaller diameter?

    How do I get existing rubber wedge off upright post?

    1. G’Day Bill

      Thanks for taking the time to write to us about our Sit-on-Top Cart.

      We do not offer scupper cones in a smaller size than the ones supplied with the Cart. The existing scupper cones should not be removed from the aluminum uprights, for two reasons:

      1. Using the Sit-on-Top Cart without the cones could easily result in damage to the hull of the kayak, as the uprights would exert pressure and leverage against the sides of the scuppers.
      2. Removing the scupper cones from the Sit-on-Top Cart would invalidate the product warranty.

      So – I’m sorry to learn that the Cart does not fit the scuppers of your kayak; we would recommend returning the Cart to wherever it was purchased for refund.



    1. G’Day!

      Sorry for the delay in replying; we’ve had some issues with the blog which have prevented questions being forwarded (and have caused some previously posted answers to disappear).

      One of those missing answers was a step-by-step instruction on how to repair a dry sack (including the Stopper Dry Bag). You should be able to find the article here:

      I trust this helps – if you need additional information, drop us a line at and put ‘Stoper Dry Bag repair’ in the subject line



  4. You mention that the Lightweight Dry Sacks can be repaired with McNett Seam Grip following the instructions in the FAQ, but the FAQ seems to be missing. Can you point me to it? Also, how large a hole can actually be repaired? I have a 35L Lightweight Dry Sacks that has a small puncture hole (not quite as large as a pencil, but close) in the end, through both layers at the “bottom” of the sack — can this be successfully repaired or do I need to replace the bag?

    1. G’Day!

      Thanks for taking the time to write to us about repairing your Lightweight Dry Sack. Sorry for the delay in replying – we’ve had issues with both messages being forwarded and with content on the blog disappearing (including the section on repairing dry sacks).

      You can find the missing post here:

      a pencil-sized hole should be easily repairable using Seam Grip.

      If you need any additional assistance, drop us an email at and put “Dry Sack repair’ in the subject line



  5. I have a Sit on Top Kayak cart that goes through the scupper holes with inflatable wheels. I’ve barely used it and of course the values are assembled inward as instructed however after looking at the wheel hub it allows the value stem to shift left and right. Unfortunately the tube has a hole in it and i need to replace it. The hole is pretty big and near the valve stem because you can hear air blowing out after inflating. What is the best way i can get this fixed

    1. G’Day Michael

      Sorry to learn that you’ve experienced a problem with the inner tube of your Sit-on-Top Cart.

      Fortunately, the inner tube can be relatively easily replaced. Sea to Summit keeps spare parts for practically every product it sells, including the inner tubes, tires and wheels for the Canoe/Kayak and Sit-on-Top Carts.

      If you are located in North America, we would be happy to send you a replacement inner tube through the mail free of charge. Installation of the tube is a little tricky, but not beyond the abilities of someone who has some skills with bicycle tires and a pair of nylon tire levers. If the task seems a little daunting, you could always get a local bike tech to install the tube for you.

      (If you don’t have a local bike tech to assist with an installation, we can ship you a complete wheel/tube/tire pre-assembled; but this is a more expensive option in terms of shipping costs).

      Another alternative is to contemplate upgrading the wheels to the new molded wheels which you can find here: . These wheels are available to purchase (so there are ‘up-front’ costs), but are of course puncture proof.

      Please shoot us an email at and put ‘Sit-on-Top Cart – inner tube issue’ in the subject line. Let us know which of the options above would work best for you and provide us with a shipping address – we’ll be happy to assist you further.



      1. Good day to you,

        I bought a Sea to Sky lightweight sleeping mat, the orange one, a couple of weeks ago and tried it for the first time last night. It leaks, over a period of about an hour. I was trying it on the bedroom floor at home so it did to get pierced by thorn or anything.

        Any tips on how to find the leak and repair it? I am now around 6,000km from where I bought it (Pro Tec in Hong Kong) so taking it back to the shop is not an option.

        Would appreciate any advice.

      2. G’Day Peter

        First of all, I’m sorry to learn that you ‘ve had a less-than-ideal experience with your Sea to Summit sleeping mat.

        The simplest way to detect where the air loss may be coming from is to inflate the mat, then submerge it under water. A bath tub or shower basin is ideal for this, as it will allow you to submerge a large area of the mat; but even a washbasin would work for this purpose.

        Essentially, if the shell fabric of the mat has not been punctured, the only points from which air could exit would be the valve or the external welded seams (which would be a very rare occurrence).

        If it transpires that the shell fabric has been punctured, the supplied repair patches should take care of this quickly and simply.

        If the fault lies with the valve or with a seam (and therefore is not a puncture), that would fall under the category of manufacturing defects which Sea to Summit covers with its warranty. There’s no need to contact Pro Trek; just send an email to; let my colleagues know your current address (I’m assuming you’re in South Africa) and provide them with a copy of the receipt and images showing the mat being tested under water.

        Apologies for the inconvenience



  6. Hi there,

    I just purchased X-Set 11 and try to use X-Pot / Kettle to boil some food. The top cover is not heat resistant, bended on the 1st try and cracked on the 2nd try. How so? Is there any defect on the production?

    Would appreciate any advise and where I can find the replacement? I purchase X-Set 11 thru your distributor

    1. G’Day Susanto

      Sorry to learn you’ve experienced a problem with the lid of your X-Pot/Kettle.

      The lid is made of a heat-resistant plastic which should work perfectly when used on a camping stove to boil food – your lid may have a production issue or may have been damaged in transport.

      Sea to Summit’s Malaysian Distributor will be happy to supply you with a replacement lid; please contact

      Exped Pro Sdn Bhd
      Contact: Leong Dee Lu
      Phone: +6012 425 3100



  7. Hi there,

    Recently, I purchase X-Set 11 from your distributor in KL ( After I received the goods, I put into the trial immediately, using X-Pot / Kettle to boil water. Looks like the quality of the plastic lid cover is not there, it is bended easily for the 1st try. The 2nd try even cracked the cover.

    Please could you let me know whether I can only purchase the replacement lid cover for X-Pot/Kettle? Thanks.

  8. I have a sea to summit x bowl and cut through the silicone with my knife. Is the repair goo you speak of food grade? Thanks!

    1. G’Day Aleah

      Sorry to learn that your X-Bowl has sustained some damage. The repair compound we mention – McNett Sil-Net is pure liquid silicone; it therefore is food grade.

      Please email us at if you need any assistance with executing a repair.



  9. I have an aeros pillow that have been used on 3 trips now in a hammock whilst hiking. Just got back from a trip and after inflating the aeros when detting up camp I went back to find it flat. It appears to have a leak. I’ve only had it under 6 months and used it maybe 3-4 nights. Are these repairable?

    1. G’Day Dean

      Sorry to learn you’re experiencing air loss from your Aeros Pillow.

      If the issue is a straightforward puncture, it may be possible to repair the pillow – the Ultralights are slightly simpler in this respect than the Premiums.

      The first step therefore is to determine the cause of the air loss. The simplest way to do this is to inflate the pillow and hold it under water while someone takes reasonably high-resolution images of the air exiting from the pillow. The pattern of bubbles will help determine the scale/nature of the issue.

      Once you have these images, please forward them to us at (please put Aeros Pillow – air loss issue in the subject line) and let us know where you are located (city/state or province/country). I’ll be happy to direct your question to the person best able to assist you.



  10. Hello!
    I purchased the X-Set 31 and have used it very few times (I love it by the way). But It seems like the lid for the X-Pot 2.8L is not super resistant to heat, it seems weak when I boil and heat stuff. It bended a little bit while cooking and then it cracked while having it on my bag-pack. Where can I get a replacement lid?

    I am in Portland know and I bought it online at REI. I would appreciate your help to get a replacement : )
    thank you!

    1. G’Day Natalia

      Sorry to learn that you’ve experienced some cracks in the lid of your X-Pot.

      (The X-Pot lids should not sustain any heat damage in normal use on a backpacking stove. The base of the X-Pot conducts heat really well, so you can [and should] use a lower flame setting than with a conventional pot. Please also note that if your stove system includes a windshield, this can cause heat build-up around the sides of the pot which can negatively affect the pot lid – for this reason, we recommend that stove windshields not be used with the X-Pots)

      In the case of a cracked lid, we would resolve the issue by sending a replacement lid to you, free of charge.

      Please shoot us an email at, include “X-Pot – cracked lid issue” in the subject line and let us know:

      – Whether you have the Grey or Pacific Blue X-Pot
      – Your full shipping address and a daytime phone number

      We’ll get a replacement lid on its way to you within 24 hours.

      Please know that Sea to Summit maintains a comprehensive inventory of spare parts (not just for X-Pots) and can resolve many product issues quickly and simply by mailing a replacement component.

      My apologies for the inconvenience.


  11. Hey 🙂 Thank you very much for your quick response and service (and de lid)! I am sendind the e-mail now.

    I love your products and design! Good to know you have an inventory of spare parts.

    Thank you,

  12. Hello,

    I have an older Ultra-Sil Nano Dry Sack and the inner seam lining (Scotch Tape looking stuff on the inside) has come off. Is there any way to repair this or do I have to get a new bag?


    1. G’Day Henry

      Sorry to learn that the seam tape of your UltraSil Nano Dry Sack has become delaminated.

      There are several possible causes for seam tape delamination in very lightweight dry bags. Factors can include exposure to solvents such as DEET and alcohol, but one of the most frequently overlooked is storage.

      If a very lightweight dry bag is stored for long periods in an airtight storage tote or plastic box, the humidity level inside the container level (possibly caused by drying gear) may be high enough to affect urethane coatings over time. The coatings may go soft, while at the same time, the seam tape may become less pliable. When the dry bag is subsequently used the seam tape can pull away from the coating.

      For this reason, we always recommend storing urethane-coated or laminated fabrics in a well- ventilated place where any moisture can dry out.

      (It’s also worth bearing in mind that simple wear-and-tear can cause the seam tape to delaminate in a very lightweight dry sack; the ultra-fine fabrics will stretch over time depending on the use they are put to).

      It’s not possible to stick the seam tape back on to a dry sack. You could remove the tape and seal the seams using a seam sealant – just bear in mind the following:

      – This is a messy job; seam sealants can be sticky substances
      – You would want to turn the dry sack inside out first and clean the seams using isopropyl alcohol
      – The best/most waterproof seam sealant is McNett Seam Grip (it’s also the stickiest) – in the case of an UltraSil Dry bag you’re not aiming for a particularly high level of waterproofness (UltraSil Nanos are not designed to be used in very wet conditions) and therefore the easier-to-work-with McNett Seam Sure would do the job
      – It’s important that an end-user check a dry bag before each use to make sure it still offers the intended level of waterproof protection. In the case of a dry bag with re-sealed seams, this advisory is doubly important

      If you feel that your particular UltraSil Nano Dry sack did not provide adequate service, please email us at – put “UltraSil Nano Dry Sack – seam tape issue” in the subject line. Please attach detailed (high resolution) images of the areas of delamination and let us know the size of the dry bag, the name and location of the retailer where it was purchased, your full shipping address and a daytime phone number.

      We’ll be happy to assist you further



  13. Hi.
    I recently purchased two Aeros Pillow ultralight – one for me and one for my husband. I have used mine two times and after the second time it went flat. There is a visible opening in the welded edge. It seems that the welded seam on my pillow does not have the same thickness all the way round. At the top, where the hole is, the welded seam is very thin. I compared my pillow to my husbands and the welded seam on his pillow has the same thickness all the way round. Maybe mine has a fabrication error? Can it be repaired?
    Best regards
    Linda Nielsen

    1. G’Day Linda

      Sorry to learn you’ve had a less-than-ideal experience with your Aeros Ultralight Pillow.

      The issue you describe sounds like a faulty weld, which would most definitely fall under our materials and manufacturing defects warranty.

      Please drop us a line at and put “Aeros Pillow – weld issue” in the subject line. Attach a detailed image of the defective weld and a picture of the stuff sack (so we know which size you have), and let us know:
      – The name and location of the retailer where the pillow was purchased
      – The date of purchase
      – Your full shipping address and a daytime phone number

      We’ll be happy to take care of you.

      Sorry for the inconvenience


  14. I recently warped the lid on one of my xpots.. I’m trying to find a replacement lid, but can’t seem to track one down. Does sea to summit offer them?
    Thanks for the help

    1. G’Day Brodie

      Thanks for checking in with us about a replacement lid for your X-Pot.

      Please know that Sea to Summit maintains a comprehensive stock of spare parts which we are happy to supply to our end users.

      If a product has failed due to a manufacturing or material defect, we will usually provide the spare part needed to restore the product to full function free of charge.

      Please drop us an email at (with the words “X-Pot – warped lid” in the subject line), enclose a picture of the damaged lid and let us know:
      – The name and location of the store where the X-Pot was purchased
      – The size and color of the pot
      – Your full shipping address and a daytime phone number.

      We’ll be happy to get a replacement lid on its way to you.



  15. I am hoping you can advise me the best way to reattach the seam sealing tape on a goretex jacket. It has pulled away at the back of the neck where the hood attaches.

    1. G’Day Debbie

      Sorry to learn that the seam tape of your Gore-Tex jacket is delaminating.

      The first step is to determine why the seam tape has pulled away from the fabric:

      – It may be a case of wear and tear if the jacket has been used for many seasons
      – It may be due to contact with a solvent such as DEET

      – If the jacket is relatively new, it may be due to a manufacturing issue, in which case it should be covered under warranty. If this is the case, contacting the jacket manufacturer should be your first option.

      If the delamination is due to one of the first two conditions, it is possible to re-glue the seam tape, but it is potentially a little messy:

      – Clean the rear of the seam tape and the seam with isopropyl alcohol
      – Apply a thin film of McNett Seam Grip to the rear of the seam tape, then press it into position
      – Ensure that the Seam Grip does not touch any other part of the jacket; it will stick the two surfaces together permanently
      – Allow to dry for at least 12 hours

      (if the delamination has been caused by DEET, it would be advisable to wash the jacket using a non-detergent soap such as Nikwax Tech Wash and rinsing thoroughly. Contact between DEET and coated fabrics or laminates should be avoided)

      I trust this helps!



  16. I recently bought a Sea to Summit Aeros Pillow Premium for my son’s birthday. He used it only once as it started leaking air. It seems like one of the seams have split?? Is this fixable?

    1. G’Day Karen

      Sorry to learn that your son has had a less-than-ideal experience with his Aeros Premium Pillow.

      The seams of the pillow bladder are sealed using a technology called ‘RF Welding’ – they should be extremely strong. A failure of a welded seam would be tricky to repair, besides which the pillow should be under warranty.

      Can you email us at (put ‘Aeros Pillow – apparent seam failure’ in the subject line) and let us know:

      – Your full shipping address including city and country
      – The name and location of the retailer where the pillow was purchased
      – The date of purchase
      – The size of the pillow (Regular or Large)

      Please attach an image of the pillow to the email.

      We’ll be happy to assist you further



  17. I replaced an Aeros pillow that popped an internal seam (making it round shaped, kinda) and the replacement seems to have popped as well (though not as bad) is there any way to fix this? is there an insert I can replace or is it just dead?


    I love my escapist tarp and bug net inner!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. G’Day Patt-

      Sorry to hear about your pillow, would you mind shooting over an email to Please write, “Aeros Pillow Inquiry” on the subject line. Be sure to also include your mailing address, where you purchased the pillow(s), and some pictures of the product. We’ll get you sorted ASAP.

      STS Staff

  18. I have an ULTRA-SIL Dry Sack which has become sticky on the inside whilst in store. How can I make it not sticky and retain the waterproofing. Thanks

    1. G’Day Jeremy

      Sorry to learn that the internal polyurethane (PU) coating of your UltraSil Dry Sack has become sticky during storage.

      If a PU-coated product is stored in a place where it can come into contact with humidity, the coating may absorb moisture over time. The moisture causes the coating to become tacky, which is one reason why we always recommend storing gear in a dry place. However – sometimes, end-users store their gear in an airtight container (like a Rubbermaid bin), not realizing that the humidity inside the container may be concentrated due to lack of ventilation. For this reason, a well-ventilated storage container is preferable for outdoor gear.

      Once a PU coating has become sticky, it is very difficult to restore it to normal function.

      You could try turning the dry sack inside out, laying a sheet of photocopy paper on top of the coating, then ironing over the paper with an iron set to ‘silk’ (one dot).

      You can find further details of this process on the technical pages of our sister company Wilderness Equipment’s website:

      Good luck!

      If you would like additional assistance, please contact us at and put ‘PU Coating degradation’ in the subject line.



  19. I just bought a 65ltr hydraulic dry bag and i wanted to buy a spare buckle can you kindly advise what size it is thank you

    1. G’Day!

      Thanks for checking with us about the appropriate replacement buckle for your 65 Liter Hydraulic Dry Bag

      All Hydraulics use the 25mm / 1” two-pin Field Replacement Buckle for the roll-top closure.

      This should be readily available from Sea to Summit retailers – if you have difficulties finding the buckle, shoot us an email at and we’ll be happy to assist you.



      1. Thank you for your kind reply and info I shall order the buckle thank you for all the great products!!

  20. I purchased a SeatoSummit Sit on Top Cart for my Kayak and the valve went bad on the 260X85 inflatable tire – How do I get a replacement wheel & tire? Tom Goulet

    1. G’Day Tom

      Sorry to learn you’ve had an issue with the valve on your Sit-on-Top Cart tire.

      No worries, however – Sea to Summit maintains spare parts for all of the products it sells, including wheels, tires and inner tubes for the kayak/canoe carts. If you’ve had a problem with the valve, it sounds like you would need a replacement inner tube rather than a tire or wheel. Either way, we’ll be happy to provide the appropriate spare part or parts to you and information on how to install them.

      Please drop us an email at and put ‘Sit-on-Top Cart – inner tube valve issue’ in the subject line. Please let us know:

      – The name and location of the retailer where the cart was purchased
      – The approximate date of purchase
      – Your full name and shipping address (not a PO Box) and a daytime phone number

      Please also enclose an image of the wheel and tire.

      (A replacement wheelset is available which does not use pneumatic tires – you may care to consider this loinger term)



  21. We have a kitchen sink (10L) that has started to leak at the seams (quite possibly because I put hot water in first, instead of starting with cold). What would the be the best option for repairing it?

    1. G’Day Sean

      Sorry to learn that your Kitchen Sink is no longer completely watertight.

      The best compound to re-seal the seams would be McNett Seam Grip. It’s a liquid urethane sealer readily available in the US and Canada, and it will very effectively stick just about any two non-siliconized fabrics together. The Seam Grip should be applied to the outside of the seams as follows:

      – Clean the seams of the Kitchen Sink using isopropyl alcohol
      – Apply the Seam Grip using either the supplied brush or a relatively fine-tipped paintbrush (which will have to be discarded after the repair)
      – Take care that the Kitchen Sink does not become folded across the treated seams, or that anything else comes in contact with the Seam Grip –it will stick them together permanently . Seam Grip is a little messy…
      – Allow 12 – 18 hours to dry before using the Kitchen Sink (and 24 – 36 hours before packing the Sink away in its pouch)

      Just as a quick recap, here are some things which can damage the coating / seam tape of the Kitchen Sink

      – Very hot water (above 60°C / 140°F)
      – Bleach
      – Solvents (such as DEET)

      If you have any additional questions, shoot us an email at and put ‘Kitchen Sink Repair’ in the subject line



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