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  1. hi! just wondering how to remove the bladder inside the pak tap? we have a hole!

    And seems a little tight to pull the bag out. Not to mention putting a new one in!

    any info would be great!

    1. G’Day Bernie

      If you have the older-model Pack Tap, the fabric through which the spout projects is ripstop nylon; if you have the newer model, the fabric is Hypalon. The Hypalon is somewhat easier to work with. In either case, you tilt the spout relative to the surface of the fabric – the ridge at the base of the spout will now slide into the circular cutout at its ‘lowest point’. Pull gently on the fabric of the casing as you work the spout into the circular cutout, and you’ll find the spout will fit through it.

      Installing the new bladder is much easier, as you can put the casing fabric under tension to push the spout through.

      We carry the bladders as a spare part, but get very infrequent requests for them – I would be interested to know how the hole occurred.

      Please email me directly at info@seatosummit.com and let me know the size of the replacement bladder you need; I’ll be happy to take care of you



  2. I happened to lend my drylite towel to someone who didn’t follow any of the wash instructions prior to returning it to me. What are indicators that the towel suffered damage from fabric softener, machine drying and washing on the cold setting? I’ve never owned a microfiber towel before, only used it once, and am lacking the damage awareness. Any information you can afford me would be greatly appreciated!

  3. Hi, I have two Tke towels that I like really well, but after a couple days, both stink even if a take good care of drying it right after use. Even when I wash them it comes back after a day of use. Do you have a trick or a special recipes to remove odors ?

    1. G’Day, Martin

      We would recommend washing your tek Towels in an enzyme-based cleanser from a company called McNett – the product is called MiraZyme. This should take care of any odors in the towels (and any other items of outdoor gear you have).

      I trust this helps – let me know if you’d like further information



  4. The web based washing instructions for the coolmax fabric adaptor sleeping bag liner do not state what temperature water: hot, cold or warm?

    1. Hello Doug. Thanks for the question. Any of our Technical Liners can be washed in anything from cold (10°C/50°F) to moderately hot (40°C/100°F) water.

      There is no need to wash any hotter than this, and most American top-loader washing machines do not wash any hotter than this anyway.

      Avoid bleach, avoid fabric softeners, do not dry in an electric (tumble) dryer.

      Thanks and let us know if you have any further questions.


  5. What is the best product to treat and sanitize a Sea to Summit pocket shower so that I don’t damage the fabric?

    1. G’Day Matthew –

      Thanks for your question about cleaning and sanitizing a Pocket Shower.

      The reservoir of the Pocket Shower will usually be filled only with potable water or with water from a stream or other natural water source. Water from streams or lakes may contain particulate matter or algae; but should not contain contaminants beyond this. This may result in a residue in the reservoir, which should not require a cleanser to remove it once you have the chance to maintain your Shower – the jet of water from a hose should be adequate. If you have more stubborn residue in the reservoir, a solution of Sea to Summit Wilderness Wash in warm water should be adequate to remove it. Do not use bleach – this can damage the polyurethane coating. Rinse the reservoir thouroughly after this step.

      If a Pocket Shower has been stored in a damp condition and has developed mold or mildew, you will need to take other steps to attempt to remove this – you can find a separate blog post entitled ‘https://askbaz.wordpress.com/faqs/how-do-i-remove-mildew-from-a-dry-sack/’

      If you need additional assistance, shot us an email at info@seatosummit.com



    1. G’Day Janna

      Sorry it’s taken us a while to get to your question – there have been some problems recently with the blog platform.

      You can buy MiraZyme at better outdoor stores and virtually all dive stores in the US and Canada (dive stores use it to neutralize odors in wetsuits). Alternatively, checking on http://www.mcnett.com should provide you with a source for this product.

      We’re not aware of any other enzyme-based cleanser; and if your gear has sustained some form of organic odor contamination, this is definitely the product you need.



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