Which Microfiber towel should I choose?

16 thoughts on “Which Microfiber towel should I choose?”

    1. G’Day Sharon

      All Sea to Summit products – Tek Towels included – are warrantied for the life of the product against manufacturing and material defects.

      Here are a couple of tips to get the best from a Tek Towel:

      – Wash the towel separately from other items for the first couple of washes; the dye is not colorfast
      – Do not use fabric softeners in the wash cycle; they will reduce the absorbency of the microfiber
      – Air dry (rather than tumble dry in an electric dryer)



    1. G’Day Julie –

      Sea to Summit has three ranges of microfiber towels; the ultra-compact Pocket Towel, the mid-weight DryLite Towel and the luxurious Tek Towel.

      Of these, only the DryLite Towel is available with an anti-bacterial treatment. We use a silver antibacterial treatment which impedes the growth of bacteria and other microbial life without the use of ‘nano’ particles.

      I trust this information helps – please let me know if you have further questions



      1. Hi there – what exactly are the ingredients used in the antimicrobial treatment? Is Triclosan involved? Thanks for any info.

  1. Hi. Where can I find The Travelling Light Micro Towel in size 80 x 160? I can’t seem to find that particular size anywhere.

    Best regards /Vincent

    1. G’Day Marijke!

      Thanks for taking the time to write to us about our microfiber towels.

      It sounds like you may have confused another brand with Sea to Summit; we have never had a towel with the product name you mention.

      Our DryLite Towel continues to be a best seller and a staff favourite: it is light, absorbent and packable – and now has an anti-microbial treatment built into the fabric. It’s also 100% microfiber, unlike some other travel/backpacking towels.

      I would be happy to put you in touch with our Benelux distributor who could recommend a Dutch retailer who would have the DryLite Towel in stock – just drop me an email at info@seatosummit.com and put “DryLight Towel – availability in the Netherlands” in the subject line.

      Met vriendelijke groeten,


    1. The most appropriate towel for any application is a matter of personal preference and is dependent on several factors. It is important to consider the humidity of your destination (the drying time for a towel is effected by relative humidity), and the space and weight you are intending to carry with you, as well as the nature of your travels. We have several towel options.

      If I may provide a brief description to aid in your choice:

      – The Drylite Towel, which falls in the middle of our travel towel line as far as size and absorbency. It has an ultra-suede finish, is antimicrobial, and is also quick drying. The Drylite towel in size Large has an uncompressed volume of 54 cubic inches.

      – The Tek Towel is nearly twice as large when packed, but also adds twice the absorbency. The Tek Towel has a terry cloth finish for increased absorbency, but will take longer to dry than the Drylite Towel. The Tek Towel in size Large has a volume of 90 cubic inches.

      – The Pocket Towel offers the smallest packed volume of our towel line, but will be the least absorbent. The Pocket Towel is perfect for ultra-light loads, or when space is at a minimum. The packed volume of the Pocket Towel in size Large is 27 cubic inches.

      If you have less space, but absorbency is important, the Drylite towel is a good choice. If you are not concerned about drying time, and space is not a serious consideration, the Tek Towel is a great option offering maximal absorbency. The Pocket Towel is best if you are on the go with a small pack.

      The sizes of the towels are identical across the line. The size Large is just smaller than a standard bath towel at 24”x48”. I think a Medium would be a bit too small if you have long hair, or want to wrap the towel around yourself. The X-Large is the size of an average bath sheet, or beach towel, but may take up more volume in your luggage.

  2. Hello, I have a Drylite towel with antibacterial treatment and I have to wash it even after only using it once or twice due to unpleasant odours (mouldy smell). Is there something I should know?

    1. G’Day Julien

      Sorry to learn that you’re experiencing an unpleasant odor from your DryLite Towel. The antibacterial treatment should ensure that no odors occur from normal use in drying your skin after bathing or swimming. However, it’s difficult to determine what might be causing the issue with your particular towel. If the towel was machine washed with fabric softener, this will prevent the microfibers from drying quickly, which might be a factor here.

      The simplest remedy is to wash the towel as you would normally (avoid fabric softeners), then dry the towel in the sun. A few hours of sunshine, plus some fresh air should take care of the issue.

      If this doesn’t work, it indicates that there is something in the towel which needs to be neutralized – we recommend an enzyme-based cleanser from McNett called MiraZyme.

      Let us know at info@seatosummit.com if we can provide more details



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